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Give your nails some love with this cute heart manicure. I combined white, pink and gold for a Valentine’s Day inspired nail design.


White, pink & gold Valentine's manicure

This nail design is pretty simple as long as you have a steady hand. There are several steps to this manicure. The key is to take your time and make sure you let the nail polish dry in between steps.

White, pink & gold Valentine's manicure

First apply 2 coats of white polish to your nails. Using a dotting tool, which you can purchase at your local beauty supply store, or a round head pin, create polka dots on your pointer and ring fingers with a pink polish. To paint a heart on your middle fingers, place two dots of gold polish close together. With a toothpick, drag the dots down to a point to form a heart. Finally, apply a chunky gold glitter to your pinky fingers. Seal your nail design with a top coat. Don’t stop with just your nails. Share the love! I had a nail party with my little cousin and painted hers too!

White, pink & gold Valentine's manicure

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