Sugar Plum Nails

Plum nail design | Sugared Chic

Add a dash of holiday glam to your nails. For this manicure I chose to use a plum colored nail polish, but really, you can use any jewel toned polish to achieve a similar look. Whether it’s emerald, ruby, sapphire or citrine, is up to you.

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Nude & Gold Glitter Nails

Nude and gold ombre manicure | Sugared Chic

I want to share a cute fall nail design with you that’s both quick and easy. I find that having your nails nicely manicured can bring an extra level of polish (pun intended) to any outfit. Picking a neutral for your nails is advantageous because it looks great with whatever color you are wearing. Also as a bonus, neutral nails can work well in professional settings if you can’t get away with wearing a bold color at your job.

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Fun Fall Activities

Picking Apples at Honey Pot Hill Orchards | Sugared Chic

Besides summer, fall is definitely my favorite season. The changing of the leaves here in Boston is quite simply beautiful. The fall foliage, in addition to all the delicious fall flavors and treats, make autumn one of my favorite times of the year. So for your reading enjoyment, I’ve put together this list of some of my favorite things to do for fall.

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